Other Carbondale Martial Arts Programs

Local Schools That Contribute to Our Rich Martial Arts Culture

If you’re interested in learning martial arts, we’d love you to join the Carbondale Park District karate program, but it’s less important that we travel the way together than that you find the right path for you. Factors that may go into your decision include location, class times and emphases, instructor and student personalities, and price. Luckily, Carbondale is blessed with many extraordinary martial arts instructors and schools, and one of them may suit your needs if we cannot.

In addition to the Park District’s martial arts programs, which include jujitsu, aikido, and karate (not to mention archery!), plus our free self-defense courses, you can receive excellent instruction at:

Family Martial Arts Academy


Han Judo & Taekwondo School


Longshore’s Tae Kwon Do & Martial Arts Academy


Sabens Martial Arts Academy


SIU Martial Arts Clubs and Programs

The interest and availability of students and instructors vary from semester to semester at Southern Illinois University, so it’s always hard to tell what clubs and classes currently provide martial arts training there. In the past, the SIU Recreation Center has offered boxing, kendo, tae kwon do, hapkido, and kickboxing classes. It may still offer some or all of them.

Meanwhile, these active organizations or programs come highly recommended.

Saluki Shotokan Karate


SIU Aikido Club


SIU Filipino Martial Arts Club


And that’s just in and immediately around Carbondale—many other great instructors teach in nearby cities.

We’re grateful to all of them for helping to create such a rich, diverse martial arts environment here in Southern Illinois. We hope you will explore that world and find your way within it.

If we left anyone off this list, please contact us and let us know so that we can add you!